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Shift in EECast Schedule

Since Jason is teaching Core Concepts this week in the mornings, and the EECast is scheduled to start at 11 AM our time (Central), there would seem to be a bit of conflict with him discussing point clouds during the EECast this week. Never fear dear readers, we have a plan! In a bold move (ok, in just a scheduling move,) I’m covering What’s New with Data Shortcuts in 2009.

In a quick hour, we’ll review the changes to using Data Shortcuts in C3D 2009. We’ll look at the Project Template, the Working Folder, the Shortcuts folder and the mechanics of using Data Shortcuts as part of your actual project. Additionally, we’ll look at the new Data Shortcuts Editor to repath your in-place shortcuts to new information as it’s available. Take a shortcut to 2009 with this nuts and bolts EECast.

See you then!

Data Shortcuts in Civil3D 2009

All right, I promise to shut up about Data Shortcuts for awhile after this.

First, what has changed with Data Shortcuts in Civil3D 2009? How do you work with them now? How will it affect your work flow and/or directory structure?

Let’s take a look after the jump

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History of Data Shortcuts

There has been some discussion on the Autodesk DG recently of how to work with Data Shortcuts. What are Data Shortcuts, how do you work with them, and how have they changed over the releases?

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Edit Data Shortcuts on the Fly

This is my first post here and I feel excited to be able to post to! As some of you may know, I am a strong proponent of Data Shortcuts. Of course, currently Vault has its place, especially in larger engineering firms. Civil3D 2009 has changed the way to work with Data Shortcuts that has really made it a competitor in the data management arena.

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