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Challenge: Try a new workspace

I’ll admit, I defaulted to the out-of-the-box Civil 3D workspace and made a few minor changes to the Quick Access Toolbar but other than that I tend to stay in my one happy little workspace. That is, until yesterday when I had to work with some GIS info and I decided to switch things up and hop over to one of the Geospatial workspaces. I think sometimes we (or at least I) forget that Civil 3D is built off of Map 3D. There is so much hidden power lurking in those other workspaces. So go ahead. Switch things up today and take a peek at the other workspaces! I challenge you to learn something new! (And be sure to let us know what you find.)

Quick Access Toolbar

When I first started dealing with the ribbons, it definitely took some getting used to. But isn’t that the case whenever there is any change to a user interface with any program? I think that the contextual ribbon tab is one of them that aggravated me the most in the beginning but now it is one of my favorite features. What changed my mind was when I realized how to utilize the Quick Access Toolbar. I was especially frustrated in the beginning that I would select an object wanting to find out it’s layer and then the home ribbon tab would disappear and the contextual ribbon tab would turn on. Now with the Quick Access Toolbar I can keep the commands that I use most frequently right up at the top. Here is my current Quick Access Toolbar:


What commands do you have in your Quick Access Toolbar?

(Short description of how to add the layer menu to your Quick Access Toolbar located below the cut.)

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Double-Click your way to new heights in your grading

One of the greatest things about AutoCAD products is that they are very customizable. Being that Civil 3D is a vertical product of AutoCAD, it too, is very customizable. I’m going to share with you one way you can customize your Civil 3D to improve your grading efficiency without having to know one bit of programming code.

Similar to the contextual ribbon appearing when a certain object is selected.  We’re going to assign a command to a Civil 3D object when it is double-clicked. I’m going to show you one of my favorite ones, and that is evoking the Quick Elevation Edit or (AeccQuickEditFeatureElevs) command for Feature Lines.

This will surely save you some grading time. Do you want to see how to set this up?

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Tweaking the Ribbon.

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I’m still on board with the 2010 ribbon. Not sure why, I think it’s just cool. I do like how it changed with the element or object you select. It’s called a context menu. The one problem I have is my layers! I have to have my layers panel available at all times. So a little tweaking of the cui is in order. See what I did after the jump. Read more