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Surface Volumes 301

A post in the discussion group today got my attention.  Calculating end area volumes based on your EG versus your Corridor Datum is easy and it’s explained in various publications including the Civil 3D tutorials, the Learning Civil 3D manual, among others.  There are often far more complicated calculations that need to be done, however.  Read on…

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Good Reading: Creating a Pond Access Ramp

In case you don’t live and breathe Civil 3D blogs like I do, there’s a great post by the grading guru, Eric Chappell over on Civil3dpedia. Check it out here: Creating a Pond Access Ramp.

Keep Your Curbed Islands Afloat

Grading in curbed islands can be a time consuming task and they often need to be changed based on the overall grading changes. Whether it’s a curbed island in a parking lot or a curbed median on a boulevard, secondary corridors give you another option to keep your islands dynamic.

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Intersection w/ FLs and Supers to Change X-slope

For those of us still using Civil 3D 2009 or less:

There are lots of times when grading an intersection of two roads with steep slopes that you need to adjust a lane cross slope to make the intersection drain properly.  Lets review how to grade an intersection using Featurelines (FL) – the fastest way if you don’t need to run pavement quantities off the Corridor model, until you upgrade to Civil 3D 2010, 2011, etc… – and also lets look at a fast way to adjust road cross slopes using Superelevation points.

The first step is to extend the Corridor Model up to the curb radii.  Unless the roads are coming together at exactly 90-degree angles you will need to add a region to the corridor model and create an assembly that is only the right – or left – lane (see image below).

2009.11.23-Starting point

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Rebuilding All or All Out of Date Corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D 2010

Rebuilding all or all out of date Corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D 2010

Stefan Didak has what has to be the swankest home office setup I’ve ever seen, and looks like he’s whipped up a nice clean utility to match his environs. Check it out if you find yourself playing in drawings with multiple corridors.