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EE’s Style Management Tools…for Free

OK, it’s a bit of a slow day on the Subscription post, so Mark and the guys at EE decided to liven it up apparently. Look, if you’re a CadManager, or even just the guy in charge of managing the template, and you don’t have ProPack yet, go get it now.

EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on is now FREE!

Seriously, this is the best tool currently available for managing styles, and it will be for some time to come, so go get your free software groove-thing on.

Resolved: The One Year Release Cycle is Good for Civil 3D Users

You guys know I love a good soapbox rant, but I love a good debate almost as much. This morning the one-year release cycle came to the front of the Discussion groups as a user was looking for a way to deal with 2010 dwg files in an older version. Sinc’s an advocate for change, but personally, I think he’s too narrow in his vision of the product’s worldwide and industry wide scope. I’ve put in the major points here as quotes, but I hope you’ll join the debate in the comments section. Make the jump to read the thread.

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Forcing a Profile from Network

I’ve been working quite a bit on making C3D play nicely in a PowerCivil environment. One of the things that we ran into was using the PowerCivil launcher to pull up C3D and make sure the environment was the exact one we wanted. The first answer was to launch a specific profile to make sure the support paths, lsps, and other settings we wanted were queued up at the launch. Of course, users sometimes mess with their profile, leading to problems. The solution there was to call the network version of the profile at each launch, but if you’ve ever tried this, you know that AutoCAD won’t read the network .ARG file if that profile name already exists. So, what’s a Type A Cad Manager to do to make sure that the program launches the exact same way every time? Make the jump to find out.

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