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An Unsneak Preview of C3D 2010

I love this time of year. Everyone knows there’s a new release. Everyone knows EE has been working with it for months. Everyone knows that Adesk uses a number sequence to name their main AutoCAD product line. The funny part is that I’ll probably get a note from someone at Autodesk for writing down in print what everyone already knows. Right now, we’re supposed to write as if we only know what’s in the Press Releases. I find the exercise tiresome, hence the lack of posts.And yes, I know all about the SEC yadda yadda yadda. Doesn’t mean I have to bother playing.

But since I know you’re all excited, and rightly so, I’ll let the machine steal our blog for a day. I’ve embedded some work from the official camp. Check out the vids after the jump.

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Can We Talk? Not Until You Sign This Form.

Psst, wanna know what the Autodesk team is up to these days? Want to know what might be in the cards for Civil 3D? You need to visit and register for Autodesk Beta Programs. This would be a good time to get registered. Just saying…