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MText StrikeThrough in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

There are so many blog posts to keep up with that sometimes you think you read something but can never find it when you are looking for it. This happened recently in a class where I was teaching those who put as-builts together using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013. I thought I had read in a blog post awhile back that AutoCAD 2013 has a new feature where you can ‘strike-through’ (example) text. This would be instrumental to those doing as-builts. However, when we placed some Mtext in and the Mtext contextual tab came up, there was no such option. No worries, I will just bring up the properties palette but the option is not there either.

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Yes, ANNOAUTOSCALE is an AutoCAD setting, but hey, Civil 3D is an AutoCAD-based product so I’m thinking it’s fair game.  This variable can be a good thing, but it has functionality that could be described as highly undesirable.  Read on for more…

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Creating Linetypes

There are many ways that companies handle adding text to lines – from the Land Desktop routines that trimmed a line into multiple segments and through the text in between to using blocks (or now just Mtext) and masking. However, the most common way to add text to lines is to create a special linetype. Let’s just create a few linetypes of our own.

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