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New Video: Profile Data in Your Major Station Labels

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Also, let me know if you’re having problems with this one, it played back OK here, but I had issues from another office yesterday. Thanks.

A little bit further

Sometimes, one needs to dig a little bit further to understand things that you do not know.  AutoCAD Civil 3d does have tons of settings that do a lot of different things.  After reading  the discussion group earlier this week before my service provider cut out, and watching James tweak the masking of the new 2010 offset alignment, this tip is due.

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Offset Alignments in Civil3D 2010

With Civil3D 2010, there are now FOUR different types of alignments! What are they and especially what is an offset alignment? Find out after the jump.

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Civil 3D 2010: Quick Review

Just like last year, I’m going to run through my thoughts on the highs, the lows, and the WTF of Autodesk’s latest release. There are a number of serious improvements in the box this year. Some you’ve heard them talk all about, some are much more subtle, but are real winners in my book. This next week, the full EE team will be hitting on their favorites in more detail, but we wanted to give you the main talking points from our point of view. Make the jump to get quickfix review of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.

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Hydraulic Modeling (Part 1.2)

Earlier this week, Engineered Efficiency announced the release of the EE ProPack Hydro add-on into the wild.  [Hopefully before this post hits, but if not it should be real close].  In Part 1 of the Hydraulic Modeling series, we discussed the theory of the River Reaches and cross-sections. 

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