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Order of Priority for Point Display

Thanks to Richard Sincovec for this concise listing of priority. I forget the order quite a bit, so I’m putting it here for safe mental housekeeping.

If you use Description Keys to assign styles to each individual Cogo Point, then those styles will take priority over the styles in the Point Group, unless you turn on the Point Group Override (on the Overrides tab, in the Point Group Properties).

The order of control is:

1)  Style from Point Group, IF the Override is enabled.
2)  Style assigned to the Cogo Point itself, if one is assigned.
3)  Style from Point Group.

— Sinc

You can check out Sinc’s company here and his software here. His toolset seems to strike more of a chord with Survey folks, while EE’s stuff rings with engineers, but it’s always good to check out new stuff.

Autodesk Acquires Dynamite VSP and Dynamite SIM

You had to sort of wonder how long this would take given the amount of love Dynamite has been given on box covers and in various demos over the last few years. My best wishes to Bruce and the crew at Dynamite, they have a rocking product, and I hope I’ll get to play with it more now that it’s in the company stable. Read the presser here: Autodesk – Design Visualization – Autodesk Acquires Dynamite VSP and Dynamite SIM Visualization Software Products.

IMAutoCAD Solutions – Released for Free!!

InMotion’s first software application, which is a suite of useful AutoCAD tools, has been released for free.

You can download it here:

For more information about the tools currently included in IMAutoCAD Solutions, you can go here. Make the jump to learn how to get your free license!

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Rebuilding All or All Out of Date Corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D 2010

Rebuilding all or all out of date Corridors in Autodesk Civil 3D 2010

Stefan Didak has what has to be the swankest home office setup I’ve ever seen, and looks like he’s whipped up a nice clean utility to match his environs. Check it out if you find yourself playing in drawings with multiple corridors.

Eagle Point Transitioning Customers to C3D

From the Eagle Point site comes this little baby block buster:

With AutoCAD Civil 3D now in its 5th major release, we are excited about standardizing on Civil 3D as our development platform.  This means that we are able to focus our energy on developing new technologies that help you complete your land development, transportation, and environmental projects better, faster and more affordably than ever before.

What’s this mean to you? Not sure, but it looks like C3D has managed to kill one of the “competitors.” And it looks like the EP guys have gotten smarter about playing the if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em game. If you’re on EP, be sure you talk to a number of resellers about the transition process. I’m sure there will be lots of people very interested in helping you make the move.