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Civil 3D Plugins: Earthmine and Pictometry

Today at the Autodesk University Infrastructure Symposium I heard about some neat plug-ins for Map 3D and Civil 3D today that I think will be worth looking into. They both offer street view information to help enhance your models.

Have you used these plug-ins before? I will be downloading them when I get back to the office next week and will let you know what I think!

For some screenshots of the presentation and links to their websites, read more!

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Launch Autodesk Storm and Sanitary from with Civil 3d

Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis is a Civil 3d 2011 Subscription benefit.  It requires that either AutoCAD Civil 3d 2011 or Map 3d 2011 be installed and it is a Stand-alone product that requires you to leave Civil 3d to launch.    If you want to launch SSA from Civil 3d, add the SSA program path to the Working Path of your current profile, and add a command macro button on your Ribbon that uses the following command macro;

(startapp “StormSanitary.exe”)

For example; for Windows XP, add the following path;

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\SSA Stand-alone 2011\

The path for Win7 64 is;  (SSA is a 32-bit product)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\SSA Stand-alone 2011\ 

Note:  This works in Civil 3d 2010 as long as you meet the installation requirements of SSA.  SSA can read and write the Hydraflow STM file format to allow you to use 2010.  There are other reasons why you may want to push 2011 out to your corporation.

Styles, Settings, and Templates – Oh my

It is not a stretch of the truth nor is it a new find that managing styles, settings, and templates has been daunting with Civil 3D. Then with each additional release there are improvements made to the existing styles and settings and new styles and settings added. Actually with Civil 3D 2010 SAP there were new styles and settings added MIDSTREAM!

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Fry Your Brain with SITEOPS® (Repeat)

(Yes, I’m repeating this post. There’s another seminar tomorrow, register here.)

One of my favorite feelings is when I can watch a demo and feel my jaw drop. Civil 3D the first time, iPhoto with Face matching, Sketchbook on the iPhone. The past few years, I’ve always made a point to visit SITEOPS crew at AU. I saw some of their stuff a few years back, and it was neat, but felt a bit of a one-trick pony. This year? I got my jaw dropped. We had a few minutes to chat, and I am just blown away by how much this stuff has improved in the current releas

So, want to enjoy a good smile and watch how design should be done? They’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday to discuss how their clients use SITEOPS in the site design process for schools, but I think you’ll see quickly how your company could use this. There’s a 10 minute demo here and check out the full webinar. Be sure to bring a napkin for the drool.


EE’s Style Management Tools…for Free

OK, it’s a bit of a slow day on the Subscription post, so Mark and the guys at EE decided to liven it up apparently. Look, if you’re a CadManager, or even just the guy in charge of managing the template, and you don’t have ProPack yet, go get it now.

EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on is now FREE!

Seriously, this is the best tool currently available for managing styles, and it will be for some time to come, so go get your free software groove-thing on.