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SAP: Help!!

This one’s quick.  So we have some new tools…great!  How do we learn how to use them?  By using the included Help file of course.  Mmmm where is that now?  Not so easy to find if you haven’t read the ReadMe file that you should have read prior to installing these.

In the Toolbox, click the tool you’d like help for and then click the Toolbox Help icon (?).



SAP: Import Points

The Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack is finally available.  Autodesk teased us by releasing the AutoCAD and Map packs a few days before this.  My first instalment of reviews of these tools regards the point import tool.

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Subscription Advantage Packs for 2011

Today is Blogger Day here at the AEC headquarters in Waltham Massachusetts. Autodesk locked a few of us in a boardroom with the likes of James Wedding, Dana Probert, Dave Simeone, and David Mills. Then we were force-fed all of the new features and allowed to BLOG about it before the official press release.

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Go-Go Gadget Monitor!

Autodesk released a Performance Monitor for AutoCAD, including AutoCAD Civil 3d over at the Labs site

The Performance Monitor is a Windows desktop gadget that provides a color-coded status bar indicating the level of usage of virtual memory by AutoCAD products. When large amounts of virtual memory are in use, the running process may become unstable.

This should help you visualize your drawings memory usage and possible impending doom!  It includes some nice status information and some system variable to help you tweak your drawings performance.

Super-Secret Style Getter – V3.0

A LONG time ago Dana Probert suggested a method to grab styles from one file and quickly add them to the current file (V1.0).  Engineered Efficiency created a tool and placed it in their ProPack (V2.0).  You can find the post here

Civil 3D 2011 has two new tools.  Read on…

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