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When a Pipe Network Structure isn’t a Pipe Network Structure

So when is a Civil3d pipe network structure not a Civil3d pipe network structure? When you export it to hydraflow storm sewer. Lets see after the jump.

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Really Easy Rendering

Have you always wanted to add a bit of show to your Civil3D surfaces?  Well you can quite easily add some rendering to your models and project it up in 3D to impress those that don’t find TIN triangles beautiful. Lets see how after the jump…..

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Using OBDC to Map Your Own Data

AU is over and whether you went in person or took the virtual route, everyone may be on a Autodesk overload this week. So I decided to write about a little trick I found out by watching the 2008 AU screencasts back in July.

If you have never heard of ODBC it is not the new fad attention disease. ODBC is a powerful way of creating your own geo-referenced data to be mapped in Map3D. The official definition from Microsoft Developer is here. There are many way to create your own data or get it from online free clearinghouses. What I would like to discuss is how to use it in Map 3D.

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3D DEM rendering with Map and C3D

If you have never used a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) file I encourage you to search one out and put it to work for you. They are great for those preliminary designs or doing hydrology basins. DEM models can be downloaded for free from most Geospatial websites. They are excellent for generating relief maps so you can get a better perspective of the land or to impress your clients with 3D views of their property.  What I want to do with them is show you how to create 3d rendered DEM. Most of you know that you can do it in Civil3D but did you know you can do it quicker and easier with the Map tools.

Lets jump in………..

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Generic SubAssemblies: The Unsung Heroes Part 1

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time. I see most user using the Basic Subassemblies when trying to their corridors do things that the Generic Subassemblies are made to do. It may be the fact that the basic subassemblies look so much easier to understand in the palette. So I will look at these Generic Subassemblies a little more and hope you can find out a new way of doing something. There are 15 Subassemblies so this will take 5 post to cover them all. My disclaimer is this. I did not use complex application with these examples. Just an alignment, profile, surface and corridor. I used the default QNEW setting which used the _AutoCAD Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS.dwt template. Make the jump and let’s get started!

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