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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

It seems like all I ever write up around here is notice of change. Here’s the last one from me.

Esteemed community player, professional engineer, author, twitterati, and cool-cat Kati Mercier, P.E. is taking over The site will probably be randomly up and down for the next couple of days, but bear with us as we get it all worked out. If you have questions, you can find her on twitter: @kdinctpe.

That’s all for me, exiting to the left. Thanks.

It’s One Louder, Isn’t It?

Well, in case you missed it, we’re one louder than we were yesterday. This week, you’ll start to see links are registering as The domain change process has started, but you’re at the new home for the old blog.

You’ll still see the same cadre of writers, opinionators, rabble-rousers and the like, and if you want to be part of that crew, let me know. I’m still here as an Editor of sorts, but this site really is all about you, sharing your knowledge and picking up some bits too.

Thank You, and Goodnight.

What can I say, it’s been fun, but the time has come to put the site in some old beer boxes, vacuum up the crumbs from behind the couch, and hand over my keys at the realtor’s office. On May 2nd I’ll be turning this domain over to Autodesk, Inc. and it will begin redirecting to the AutoCAD Civil 3D landing page. Where’s almost five-years’ worth of going? I’m not sure, but have no fear, for the next six months, you’ll have an opportunity to go to the new home, or just be automagically taken to the Autodesk Civil 3D page.

I’m in talks with a couple of folks to move the content to their sites, or I might simply use one of the other domains I have in my pocket. If you’d like to have some of the best Civil3d instruction and commentary propping up your blog and making your site a top destination for Civil 3D users, drop me an e-mail, wedding@ this domain, and we’ll talk. I’m not interested in locking the content away, but I do want it to have a home.

I want to take a final opportunity to say thank you to all of the authors that have contributed over the years. We’ve seen posts from some of the most insightful and brilliant Civil 3D users, instructors and consultants. Thanks, Rick Graham; Tony Carcamo; Christopher Fugitt, P.E.; Eric Chappell; Joshua Modglin; Josh Petersen; John Postlewait; Jonathan Stewart; Kevin Clark, P.E.; Kati Mercier, P.E.; Matt Kolberg; Chuck Lamping, P.E.; Mark Scacco, P.E.; Matthew Anderson, P.E.; Jeff Mishler; Matthew Risch; Steve Boon; Mark Spatz, P.E.; & Richard Sincovec, this site could have never been was it is without your input.

Of course, this blog would have been dead in the water without the serious, over-the-top, way beyond the call of duty, posts of Jason Hickey, Dana Probert, P.E., and Nick Zeeben. Funny how we all wound up in different corners of Autodesk.

Maybe there’s something to this whole blog thing.


August’s Post of the Month

Thanks to the great team of authors at, this place continues to thrive without much help from me. I think all the readers out there appreciate their shared knowledge, and I hope you the reader will continue to add to the conversation by commenting on posts that interest or spark some new ideas for you.

Each month, I offer up a small prize for the post that I think is the post of the month. I tend to like the posts that spark some debate, and love the ones that find ways to make C3D do things it’s not really designed to do. With that in mind, Jonathan’s post on encasing pipes is the August post of the month. Go check it out if you missed it, there’s some great abuse of the software right there.

Do you think you can win the post of the month? We’re always looking for new authors! Leave me a comment here, full name obviously, and let’s talk. You don’t have to write often, you just have to be willing to share your brilliance with the community. September already has some great entrants, keep up the excellent work!

Please Welcome SITEOPS as Our Sponsor

I’m proud to announce that has take on our first official sponsor: SITEOPS, Site Engineering Software. Over the past few months, you’ve seen some posts from Dave Settlemyer, P.E. from SITEOPS, and you’ll be seeing more in the future. I’ve been in discussion with the folks at SITEOPS for some time. I think more readers should know more about their software, and they would obviously love to hear from you. Please, do me a favor,  click on that link and let them you know appreciate their support for high quality Civil-related blogging. has always prided itself on independence, and that doesn’t change. What this sponsorship does do is allow me to keep the lights on and reward the authors once in a while for all their hard work. If you’d like to be part of the Authoring team here, just shoot me an e-mail, wedding@ this domain. Thanks for reading, and thanks to all my friends at SITEOPS for being our first official sponsor. We appreciate your support!