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Expressions And X – Y Offsets in Labels

One of the local agencies we have to submit to typically wants the invert label labeled at the intersection between PipeStructureLabelthe pipe and manhole wall, similar to the picture to the right. See the rest of the post for a quick and easy way to add a pipe label to go to the correct location.

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Using Pipe Sample VBA

Welcome to our newest poster, Christopher Fugitt of Tetra Tech in San Luis Obispo, CA. He runs his own blog at Civil 3D Reminders. I thought some of his posts on modifying the pipe rules and hacking VBA were great, so I invited him to post some of them here. Let me (and him) know what you think in the comments below! – JW

Civil 3D ships with some Sample VBA code for various Civil 3D objects. They provide some good starting points for creating your own programs and not have to wait for Autodesk to add it to the program in a later release. In the Autodesk Discussion Group a person was looking to create points from a pipe network with the z elevation being the invert of the pipe.

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