Point Visibility Glitch in Civil 3D 2012

http://Designandmotion.netA few weeks ago I was working out some control issues for the field crews. I was using a drawing from a team whose template origin may have deviated from the standard, or been converted from an older version of Civil 3D. I ran into a similar circumstance today doing the same operations with the same originating team. Clearly there is a pattern.


The issue is that many Civil 3D Points will not display their labels. In the image below, notice that I have overridden my controlling Point Group, here called ‘Control’, so that the Point and Label styles will change to appear like the rest of the control points. The problem is that it isn’t working.

I have been through every aspect of investigation, display layer, point edit, audit, and even purge registered definitions too. These Points will just not play fair.


Sadly, the solution was so simple that I feel a bit ridiculous (since I spent more than 5 minutes fighting the problem)

Just reset the labels !

http://Designandmotion.net  http://Designandmotion.net

I selected all the Points with a ‘Select Similar’ command from the context menu. Then I repeated the right-click, and picked ‘Reset Label’. Now the labels suddenly appear as expected.



  1. Antonin says:

    Thank you a lot for posting it. I had the same issue and I thought it is just another bug.

    • John Evans says:

      I’m glad it helped. I wasted a little time on it, and thought someone else might as well.
      If you do determine the source, please post a comment for us, or send me an email info[at]johnevansdesign[dot]net