Civil 3D Objects and Styles and AutoCAD Layers

The more classes I teach, the more I see constant confusion regarding how Civil 3D objects and styles use AutoCAD layers. What is even more surprising is that it doesn’t seem to matter if I am teaching a basics class or an advanced class.

Thus I have added a link to a document that explains this in more detail. Let me know what you think! Smile

Civil 3D Styles and Layers


  1. Good paper Joshua. I am yet to find a document that summaries all the civil3d objects with a picture and an arrow to each subcompoent which is a big part of the learning curve if setting up styles. Also people really have to get into layer filters to help their work flow.

  2. Matt Kolberg says:

    I agree with the assessment that this is often misunderstood. I take considerable time in my classes to drive this point home.

  3. Lies says:

    thanx a lot for the good explanation. I stumbled on your paper while searching for a way of dealing with different labels for 1 point. Do you know of a way of getting different elements of a pointlabel on different layers?

    We need two layouts of a plan with on one the pointlabels displaying the name and the coordinates of all the points and another layout with the labels displaying only the name. We want to do this without having to change the labelstype of the pointgroup and rather want to be able to controle this by displaying different layers in the different layouts.

    We cant find a good sollution. And I don’t think it is possible but maybe someone here knows a workaroud…

  4. Lies,
    There currently isn’t a way to add multiple layers to a label component.