A New Leaf

As many of you may have heard through the #Civil3D grapevine, Civil4d.com is under new management. With new management comes the same great content with an eye to the future. Autodesk keeps improving the AutoCAD Civil 3D software so as users there is always something new for us to learn. You may have already noticed the change in theme to the blog. We are also working behind the scenes to bring you some stronger categories and tags to help you find the content you are looking for.

In it’s infancy this blog was civil3d.com but we have since added the 4th dimension, and with that the possibility for new content. While we are hoping to keep this blog as one of the leading resources for your Civil 3D knowledge we are also hoping to provide you with other pertanent information for an AEC workplace.

Are you interested in contributing? Do you have some ideas of what you want to see? Drop us an email at admin@ this domain or leave us a comment.

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