2013 “Hidden” Feature

Short post today folks, but not short on usefulness.  One thing I hear a lot of is “I love the auto-linework I get from the survey database, but I can’t use that linework for my construction drawings because of two things.

Read on.

  1. There is no Linetype Generation for survey figures or feature lines.
  2. If I have a significant difference in elevation between the start and end points, my linetypes are visibly different than that of a flat line.


Here is what things look like in 2012.  The top two lines are polylines, the top has simply been selected to show the number of vertices.  The bottom is a feature line (could be a survey figure too).  Note that the linetype generation is messed up in the feature line due to the number of vertices.image


Here is the same feature line in 2013.  Note that the linetype is identical to the polyline.  Limitation 1 fixed!



Below are 2 lines and a feature line.  The top line is flat.  The middle is a line whose left vertex is 0 and the right is 100.  The bottom is a feature line whose start is 0 and its end is 100.  Note the linetype is identical to the flat line.  Problem 2 fixed!  This is a case where Civil 3D got it right and AutoCAD is still showing an exaggerated linetype.



Enjoy gang,

Matt Kolberg


  1. Dane Martin says:

    Good to hear this is getting fixed in 2013! Another problem we have with survey figure lines is that we give them a style that flattens them so we can measure horizontal distances, but the figure line does not alway allow you to snap to a end point vertice, nearest, perpendicular, or mid point. It acts like nothing is available except the begining or end of the figure, when clearly it has a corner of an inlet or concrete pavement. Do you know of any fix for this?

    • Rick says:

      Try setting onsnapz to 1 or using the cgdist command on the analyze tab of the ribbon.