AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Update 1

Incase you are depending on on for all your AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge :-), or your Autodesk communication center is turned off, or your company has blocked all your social media accounts; I decided to post the news that Civil 3D 2012 Update 1 has been released and is ready for download.  Follow the link to take you to the download page. 

Make sure you choose the correct version for your installation (either 32-bit or 64-bit).

For link and to see what’s been fixed…

The following issues have been resolved:


  • Performance while adding entities to an alignment has been improved.


  • An inconsistent result from the Alignment.StationOffset() .NET API has been resolved.
  • AlignmentEntity::SubEntityCount now shows the correct value.

Corridor Design

  • An issue where corridor overrides cannot be deleted from some migrated drawings has been resolved.
  • Corridor Section Editor performance has been improved.
  • Corridor rebuilding performance has been improved.
  • An issue where corridor feature lines do not connect if the center alignment and offset alignment have different station ranges has been resolved.
  • When switching drawings containing corridors, the application no longer becomes unresponsive.
  • When running quantities using a LandSuperElevationAOR with a subbase of 0.00′, the application no longer becomes unresponsive.

Corridor Volumes

  • While generating materials automatically by sample line group in the Quantity Takeoff Criteria dialog box, cancelling the process no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.

Data Shortcuts

  • An issue were broken references for the alignment subtype could not be repaired has been resolved.
  • The rail alignment icon in the Data Shortcut tree no longer changes to a centerline icon after creating a reference.
  • The alignment subtypes and profile information are no longer lost after converting a Vault project into a Data Shortcut project.
  • Startup time has been improved when opening projects located on a remote server.
  • A permission conflict when creating Data Shortcuts has been resolved.
  • An error is no longer generated when creating a profile reference.


  • Subassembly issues found by the AUDIT command are now repaired.
  • Export to AutoCAD no longer changes alignment label or section view label appearance.
  • Running Edit Text from the context menu no longer disables the text edit command after first use.
  • Undocking the Inquiry Tool no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.
  • Changing the value of the Object Property Data optionin the Publish Options dialog box no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.
  • Changing the style of a point group in Toolspace no longer causes the application to become inactive.
  • AutoCAD commands are no longer slow to initiate when xref’s are attached.
  • Clicking the Help button from the Tool Palette now opens content as expected.
  • Icons in contextual ribbons now appear as expected.


  • The Grading to Surface command no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.

Hydrology and Hydraulics

  • Hydraflow Express has been updated to calculate culvert coefficients as expected.
  • The Storm Sewers import command now rounds 2" and 8" diameter pipes properly.
  • Part styles are no longer mismatched when importing with Part Swapping turned off and Part Family turned on when using the Storm Sewers import command.

Object Enabler

  • An unexpected error that occurs when creating a block that contains a grading object has been resolved.
  • Referenced pipes are now appearing as expected in section view.


  • Selecting the Map Task Pane button on the View tab of the ribbon in the Planning and Analysis workspace no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.


  • An error when creating a best fit profile with pipes in profile view has been resolved.
  • Null structures with the same location as junction structures are now deleted as expected.
  • Using the Repair All References command no longer causes an unexpected error.

Profile View

  • Performance while opening a drawing with a surface profile has been improved.

Project Management

  • A message that blocks a user from checking in a drawing file when working in a full replication environment has been removed.
  • Shared profiles are now displayed as expected in Prospector for Offset, Curb Return, and Miscellaneous alignments.
  • When importing a project from a data shortcut folder, profile objects in new drawings can now be seen in Prospector after import.
  • After checking a drawing into Vault, referenced objects are now listed on the Where Used tab as expected.
  • Check-in performance has been improved.
  • The data file no longer loses dependency information upon import into a new Vault project.
  • Unnecessary folders are no longer being checked in along with the project during the import process.

Quantity Takeoff

  • Clearing highlight from QTO Manager no longer causes an unexpected error.
  • Corridor reports now work as expected.
  • The Transportation Extension Slope Stake report has been updated to the latest version and now runs as designed.


  • There is no longer a discrepancy between the reported bounded volume and the TIN volume surface when the same polyline applied as a boundary.
  • Surfaces now tessellate around curves in parcels as expected.
  • Surface volume computation performance has been improved.
  • Deleting a point from a surface no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.
  • An unexpected error no longer occurs when opening a file with Level of Detail turned on.


  • A latitude and longitude field book file no longer creates reversed northing and easting coordinates.
  • The Point File Formats dialog box in the Import Survey Data wizard now saves changes.
  • The application now generates the proper point descriptions from the TSS point codes and the "TSS/Comment" field in the survey database.
  • Survey linework coding now properly parses descriptions that contain leading or doubled up comment escape delimiters.


  • The transition length table in the Superelevation wizard is no longer reset to the first one in the list.

User Interface

  • The paste icon now appears on the Home tab in the 2D Drafting & Annotation workspace.


Happy updating!


Jonathan Stewart



  1. Dane Martin says:

    You may want to grab the hotfix that goes with it! We had a few users that could not get the XREF files to come in. Hotfix seem to fix the problem.

  2. Matt Kolberg says:

    Which hotfix is that? There are no updates after SP1. There is a hotfix for performance slowdown, but it states very clearly that it should not be installed after SP1.