Ever go to use someone else’s computer and something doesn’t act as you expected? imageToday that happened to me when I went to go show a user how to rotate a point marker. I expected to hover over the lovely diamond grip and see my trusty flyout (as shown at right) but the flyout was nowhere to be seen. Of course it only made sense that there was some system variable that was “misbehaving” somewhere. Low and behold I had GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL on my machine set to 3. If this variable is set to 0 or 1 the hover menu does not show. Now you know.

And although I am happy with my GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL variable set to 3, in my quick experiment I honestly couldn’t figure out the difference between 0 and 1 or between 2 and 3. Do you know?

Edited to Add: I was just so excited to share my new found knowledge that I was able to find out more: This same setting can be changed through your OPTIONS window under the Selection tab, "Show dynamic grip menu". By unchecking this box it changed my GRIPMULTIFUNCTIONAL variable from 3 to 1.


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  1. Brian Hailey says:

    Thanks! I didn’t realize the system variable to turn that setting on and off. If you turn it off, you can still use the multifunctional grips, you just need to select the grip and hit the control key to cycle through the different options.