AU Class: Part 3

In the continuing saga that is my 2011 AU class, the next part covers connecting the dots.

The class is “CI5187-Civil Surface Base Plan: Tips and Tricks”.  Today, I will discuss the third part of the class; Connecting the dots.

Linework, both existing and proposed, is what is seen on engineering drawings.  Without those existing lines on your base plan, there wouldn’t be much to design from.  They are essential to say the least.  There are 2 high-level methods you can employ to get these drawn from your survey; Manual and Automated.  The tips in this section consist of:

  • Connecting the dots (drawing your lines) using the Survey Database.
  • Editing those features efficiently.
  • If you’re not using the Survey Database, how to make this additional manual process faster and more accurate.
  • Drafting considerations.

The last part in this series covers surface creation.  Please check back soon.

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