AU Class: Part 2

Part 1 consisted of a description of the Parcels portion of my class, part 2 is about Points.

Read on to find out more…

The class is “CI5187-Civil Surface Base Plan: Tips and Tricks”. Today, I will discuss the second part of the class; Points.


Points are the basis for several things in Civil 3D from drawing lines to creating your Existing Ground surface.  To have an efficient base plan, there are some techniques you need to employ.  In my class, I will be showing tips such as:

  • Point Styles and their annotative nature (or not annotative if you wish).
  • How to have your symbology appear automatically based on your surveyor’s codes (Description Keys).
  • If you’re not using Description Keys, how to make the manual process of getting your blocks where they should be a little easier and faster.
  • A technique about how to share Points between drawings without the use of the Survey Database.

Stay tuned for yet more information in the days to come.

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