Where To Now?

After James’ post about the ‘end of an era’ with Civil3D.com blog no longer existing after May 2nd we all may be wondering where do we go now? What blogs are there? I thought I would share just a few of the ones I am subscribed to and am DEFINITELY looking for others to post the blogs that they follow in the comments.

In no particular order:

Autodesk University Blog

Being Civil – One of Autodesk’s Civil 3D Blogs (former Civil3D.com poster Jason is found here)

Between The Lines – Shaan Hurley’s All Things Autodesk Blog

BIM On The Rocks – Another Autodesk Civil 3D Blog (former Civil3D.com poster’s Dana Probert and temporarily Matt Anderson)

Civil 3D Plus – Brian Hailey’s Civil 3D Blog

Civil 3D Reminders – Christopher Fugitt’s (a former Civil3D.com poster) Civil 3D Blog

Civilized Development – An Autodesk Civil 3D API Blog (Isaac Rodriguez)

Eric Chappell’s Blog – A Civil 3D Blog by former Civil3D.com poster, Eric Chappell

From the Ground Up – An Autodesk Civil 3D Blog with a European touch

Simply Civil 3D – A Civil 3D blog by former Civil3D.com poster – Rick Graham

Through the Interface – An Autodesk, AutoCAD API Blog (Kean Walmsey)

Civil 3D Extreme – Justin Ralston’s Civil 3D Blog


That is just a few…which ones did I miss?


  1. tony says:

    Feel Free to checkout my website.


  2. William says:

    Am I the only one that thinks CALTRANS is about to go to Civil 3D?