2012 Teaser #2: XML Import and Alignments

There was this inherent problem when importing alignments using XML.  The imported alignment lost most of the intelligence like Free, Floating, and Fixed…well, it didn’t lose Fixed.  EVERYTHING was fixed.

Maybe you noticed the choice of words I used “There was…”.  ‘nuff said.


edit:  I hope I was clear in my post, but maybe I wasn’t based on Dave’s comment.  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  There WAS a problem prior to the 2012 release, now in 2012, the problem is gone.  Dave, I hope I didn’t confuse things.  It sounded to me as if you thought I was mentioning a bug.


  1. dave drahn says:

    I’m sorry to continue to see that autodesk continues to push out a new releases rather than fix time wasting bugs in the current release. Upgrading 40 stations to a new version of AutoCAD/Civil 3D/MEP is far, far more difficult than issuing a patch. It’s the difference between doing it and not doing it and has mad a CAD mgrs job more difficult, having now to not just decide whether the enhancements in a new release are valuable in our workflow, but now try to figure out what has been broken without mention from the previous release, what has still not been fixed, etc.

    Uggh. Thanks for helping point us at things you do notice, though. Appreciate it.

    • Matt Kolberg says:

      Dave, I hope I wasn’t confusing in my post. It sounds like you think I was identifying something bad. This is good, what I am saying. In 2011, the XML import changed all of the alignmnet elements to fixed, in 2012, it KEEPS the elements as-is, which is perfect.

      Sorry for any confusion.