Point Symbols Disappear on “Export to AutoCAD”

If you have experienced the issue of point symbols disappearing when you use the “Export to AutoCAD 20XX” commands you are not alone.  This was a tricky issue that would veer its ugly head every now-and-then and stumped my company for years.  There is a good post Compatibility 101 – part 2 that was recently published and the message of setting PROXYGRAPHICS to 1 (ON) was well received to avoid having to perform an Export to AutoCAD.  However, as outlined in that post, there are still some times when Export to AutoCAD is needed.

Below is a pic of the issue.  After the jump check-out a tip that might help you overcome this issue.

2011.02.09-Exported a File

The issue presents itself when you set a point style to reference a block – like a tree or utility pole block.  It seems sometimes if the “Scale uniformly” property of that block is set to “Yes”, it causes the issue.


Note, toggling the “Annotative” property to Yes will automatically switch “Scale uniformly” to Yes. 


Check-out this short video on the issue and how to resolve it:

2011-02-13-Export to AutoCAD


Again, to check the blocks in your drawing:

1. In the drawing you are having issues with type BEDIT.

2. Select the block the point symbol is referencing.


3. Next you will need to set the “Scale uniformly“ property to “No”.  The “Annotative” property will need to be set to “No” as well to change Scale uniformly.


THAT’S IT!!  Now when you perform an Export to AutoCAD, the symbols are less likely to disappear.


  1. Humphrey Shoo says:

    Thank You Mark
    I was about to ask the same on autodesk dg. Am doing a trunk road design 140km long with too many types of trees, I was wondering if there is a lisp routine to edit all blocks at once.

  2. Greg T says:

    Has this been reported as a bug?

  3. Mark spatz says:

    Yes, it has been reported with Tech Support and in the Beta group.

  4. Mark spatz says:

    Shoo – no lisp that I know of, sorry. How many different tree blocks are we talking about?