Civil 3D .Net API Blog Posts

Way back at AU, I promised to write a bunch of posts about the Civil 3D .Net API. Of course, like most I got busy between many personal and professional projects. Nevertheless, Justin’s post reminded me of my promise and would like to put it to the community.

What do you want to learn about? What subjects regarding the API do you want to have posted about? Post a comment here at the blog and those with API experience here at will be HAPPY to write about your subjects.


  1. A good start would be now to build a civil3d template for with all the .net and .com references preloaded that deals with all past versions of civil3d and future version and checks the current version on the local machine and only lets code applicable to the verison used on the current machine run. A VBA user just want to open up something and start typing not lose time building up a base template and having to understand how to build one. This leap is what I guess puts most vba progressing to the enviroment.


    Justin Ralston

  2. Some examples of getting to style settings programmatically would be nice. The getting to the display styles for C3D objects is pretty straight forward, but getting to the labeling information seems to require reflection which I’m going to assume is not something most engineering type programmers are very familiar with.

  3. john coon says:

    Anything that shows how we can interact with civil 3d elements dynamically. Style or field labels that pull data from the civil objects and are refreshed when the civil object is modified, Like Sincpac does with points. Jig type samples that could be are linked civil objects that push data to tables. Add new items to properties palette from civil elements. You name it.
    Any into / simple samples that show how stuff like this could be done would be fun. Much like your 101 alignment series.

  4. […] as there as suggestions and ideas for what to write. For example, the exercise below is based upon Mike Robertson’s suggestion (hope I understood it right […]