No Place Like Home

imageI will admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the View Cube at first but it’s slowly starting to grow on me. My favorite part of the view cube has to be the little house in the upper left hand corner. It tends to blend in if you aren’t looking for it, but once you know it’s there it will be better than any bread crumb trail in the forest.  When you are where you want to be 95% of the time then just right click on the little house and select “Set Current View as Home”. Then next time you get zoomed or rotated out into La-La land you will be able to click the house and be home before you can click your heels.


  1. Andrew Schroeder says:

    That’s a whole lotta screen realestate for a little house. I’d rather use a toolbar to store/restore preset views. Also the fact that it’s “active” as an interface element in the working area is irritating to me. I’d be happier with it if it was only exposed on something like a CTRL+SHFT+RightClick, and disappeared after the view change was complete.

  2. Andrew- I typically change my ViewCube to “Tiny” by right clicking on it and going to “ViewCube Settings” unchecking the check box for Automatic size and changing the size to “Tiny”. (I actually resized it back to normal just to get the screen shot.) That at least saves the “screen real estate” part of your comment.

  3. neil jones says:

    Good tip to change size to Tiny…I didn’t know that option existed