SAP: Superelevation

The second instalment of the 2011 Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack is superelevation.  Pretty simple really.

It’s simple, but it may not be obvious.  You’re probably used to finding the new SAP tools in the Toolbox.  Not this one; it’s only found in a single right click menu.

Say you have done some serious work on a single lane; making custom edits to the superelevation.  Now you’d like to perform the same modifications to another lane.

Well, you need to have drawn a Superelevation View.  Once you have that it’s a matter of right clicking on your custom lane line and choosing the desired lane option.


I’m doing a class in the near future and I will be speaking to this tool.  If you can submit a comment and give me a few scenarios where you think this would be used, I would very much appreciate it.  If you can catch me at AU this year, maybe it’s worth a beer 🙂



  1. Diana says:

    i can’t install autocad civil 3d 2011 64 bit…i have an acer aspire 5735-6694 with intel centrino2 duo cpu t6400 @ 2.00 ghz 2.00 ghz…
    4.00 ram…64 bit operating system…will this version run on my laptop?