SAP: Import Points

The Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack is finally available.  Autodesk teased us by releasing the AutoCAD and Map packs a few days before this.  My first instalment of reviews of these tools regards the point import tool.

It is essentially the same as the original point import tool with a twist.  Once installed, this tool replaces the old import dialog.


  1. Select your file(s) like usual.
  2. You’ll notice that area “A” gets modified as it inspects the selected file(s).  I selected a space delimited file and this tool sensed that and filtered out the formats that don’t apply…cool!
  3. Area “B” is a preview of that file, just to give you the warm and fuzzies before you commit by clicking OK.

There’s one more tool that exhibits this same behaviour.  You see, sometimes you want to import these points into your DWG and sometimes you want them in your Survey Database.  If you’d like the latter, use the “Import Survey Data Wizard”.


Actually, you don’t NEED to use these tools from the Toolbox.  If you use the “Import Points from File” tool from the ribbon or “Import Survey Data” from the survey toolspace, this new behaviour will be present.

Stay tuned for other reviews,


One comment

  1. JCCruzE says:

    I need import points form DASH latitud and DASH longitud but is not working