Pipe and Structure Profile Label Styles

I decided that by sharing I could come up with some decent ideas from the Civil 3D community and who knows, and maybe somebody would learn something new (myself included). This week I’m going to share with you the pipe and structure label styles that we utilize for profile annotation. More after the jump.

It just so happens to be for sanitary sewer network parts, but you could manipulate the style to work the way you wanted. Our styles are basic and show the structure rim, inverts in/out, station, and offset. The structure also automatically fixes its position to the top of the structure, and the top of the profile for uniformity. Our pipe label is setup in a similar way, but may require some addressing when working with reverse profiles. We then have two separate styles on layers for future and proposed.

Download DWG File

If you find any issues with my style please feel free to comment below and I’ll update this post. Hope this helps!


  1. Jake Bendik says:

    Does the DWG include the structure profile label style?

  2. Scott Reid says:

    I opened it up and it doesn’t appear to have the structure label style. I’m very interested in how you managed to format the label to automatically place itself justified right and along the top of the profile view.

    Please share the structure label style!

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Yes please do.

  4. Jake Bendik says:

    Are you going to share the structure label style?