New Directions in Engineering Software

As civil engineering technology requirements expand and evolve, so does the software needed to support this growth. Today’s design tools are getting smarter and helping us as engineers to be more creative.

I wanted to share some recent articles with you that explain why SITEOPS is getting so much attention in such a short time. In the latest CE News, Bob Drake writes about the future of design software, as seen by some of the leading software companies.  In this week’s ENR, Tom Sawyer talks about how Little Diversified (based in Charlotte, NC) was able to use SITEOPS to save Siemens about $100,000 in site cost, and to help them identify optimal placement for a building.  These are the kind of results that users of SITEOPS see every day and why they are winning projects.  If you would like to read these articles, I have attached shortlinks below.



SITEOPS has quickly risen to the top of a long list of engineering software that is leading the civil engineering community into the future, but the technology is only part of the story. The team at SITEOPS is known for listening to our users and the engineering industry, constantly adding tools that will help you make better decisions faster. We invite you to learn about our software and give us YOUR feedback.

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