How SITEOPS software fits into your Civil 3D workflow!

Hi everyone! My name is David Settlemyer, PE, PLS and I’ve been invited to be an occasional contributor on My posts will mainly focus on issues around SITEOPS software. I joined the SITEOPS team around two years ago, after seeing the software in action. To my joy I found out that the headquarters was mere miles from where I was working.  As an engineer in the business for the last 18 years, doing everything from being a company owner to working for a national developer, I was pleased to see a software dedicated to helping solve the risk and pain in land development for engineers and land developers.

Everyone out there today wants to do MORE work with LESS effort and in LESS time. SITEOPS is conceptual site design software that can help you do just that. Users can easily perform many layouts each with a grading and storm water piping design in hours versus days or weeks.  And if that wasn’t enough SITEOPS also delivers detailed budgets, 2D & 3D images and design files (DWG and Land XML formats) all as part of normal output.

One of the questions I hear about SITEOPS is, how does it fit into our workflow and what do we do with the output files? SITEOPS is hosting an online webinar to answer these questions and show how the software fits into a company’s existing workflow. 

The webinar will show how to save a company time, money, and effort, while still delivering clients more layouts than they normally would without SITEOPS.  Picture being able, in a few hours, to give your client instead of a hand sketch layout, but multiple layouts, budgets and 2D/3D images.  Being able to deliver that detailed type of results is what will keep clients coming back.

If you had only a few hours to do a site plan would you rather deliver this:

Hand Sketch1

Or in the same amount of work time, use SITEOPS to deliver these results:

CAD file   Color Layout 

Grading Layout   Budget part1  

If this interests you, join me on June 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm EST for an online educational webinar showing how your firm can implement SITEOPS into your workflow and how the outputs go directly in Civil 3D.

To register for the webinar, go to:

Look forward to seeing you online and hearing your feedback.



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  2. Justin Lattierre says:

    is there any way to access this webinar after the 9th?

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