You’ve Got Questions, He’s Got Answers

I’m very excited to let you guys know that I’ll be in Waltham, Mass on Tuesday for AEC Press day. In the past, this has been limited to the “traditional” press, but Autodesk has recognized the power of the blogs and invited bloggers to both the San Rafael and Waltham events to report, tweet, blog, whatever. I’ll be running a live blog from the event as best I can, as well as posting pictures to a Flickr or Picassa page as soon as I can get that setup.

For me, the highlight will be getting to visit and discuss the bigger Civil picture with Jay Bhatt, Senior Vice President, AEC Solutions. Jay reports to Carl, so that should give you some idea of the role he plays within Autodesk. I’ve got some questions for him at a strategic level, but this is a blog, and a community, so I pose the question back to you:

What one question would you ask Jay Bhatt?

I look forward to hearing from you. If I ask Jay, I’ll be sure to let him know who’s asking!


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    I would ask for Autodesk’s opinion on the actual implementaion of Civil 3D moving from Land Desktop or other Autodesk packages. Also, it seems to me to be taking a lot longer for the masses to adpot than I would have expected. Does he have an opinion on why this might be? Or maybe they expect it to take this long.

    Matt Kolberg

  2. Jeremy Matthei says:

    “What additional core features is Autodesk planning to add to Civil 3D in the next five years? And are there any things that will definitely not be added?”

  3. John Evans says:

    What is the future of Civil 3D parcels as it relates to data sharing/GIS/ and the psuedo BIM future. There is some apprehension to using parcels, and I wondered if Autodesk had a plan for the future.

  4. Boxers or briefs? Just kidding – for real I’d love to know where does Civil 3D rank among Autodesk’s priorities in the AEC division? Who’s his favorite child – Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Revit Architecture, Civil 3D or one of the others? Does Autodesk consider the product “matured”?

  5. Robin Capper says:

    Will the Revit platform be developed to cope with large scale (Civil) and small scale (architectural detailing with sub-millimetre precision) projects?

  6. Clem Kuns says:

    When (if ever) will C3D get to a true BIM model platform similar to Revit? For example, a curb is put into C3D as a 3D solid curb of a given material. Not a series of feature lines with labels saying “curb”. Even in corridors, a curb for example is just a series of connected points. I guess I am envisioning something more like the parametric Revit world where you put in a curb object, a sidewalk object, a pavement object. Then you begin to apply grading and elevations to these objects. C3D is most complete in this “true” BIM sense with pipes and structures.

  7. Matt Anderson says:

    Where does he feel the Civil product line might be in 5-years? 10-years?

  8. Bruce Dana says:

    What is the latest on the BOSS integration into Civil 3D? What about Dynamite VSP?

  9. Bruce Dana says:

    One more…How could I forget?

    When will grainage parts be cut/sliced or projected onto profiles and sections that depict them accurately (as they are modeled)?

  10. Harold Alberto says:

    I believe DVSP is now available to Civil 3D and 3DS Max design subscription customers.

  11. John Evans says:

    Exactly how much do you have to bribe the Delta lady, in order to get on the plane? I stood in line 4 minutes too long apparently. Won;t see you till tomorrow.

  12. Hao says:

    When will Civil 3D have railway design functions? I’ve been waiting for years!

  13. For those of you that posted, thank you. I got time to ask one question, “Will Autodesk reconsider the annual release schedule anytime soon?” and you’ll just have to wait a bit to hear his response. I have to clean up the audio a fair amount or transcribe it, neither of which I’m looking forward to.