Following Autodesk’s Support Feeds

One of the many RSS feeds I have is one that was created for me by Autodesk to follow the support of certain products. Recently there have been quite a few posts regarding AutoCAD Civil 3D. Would you like to know what was posted? Would you like your own special feed? Follow us after the jump.

There were five posts that I thought were worth mentioning. If you use Vault there have been a few more.

Moving Vault Project from Vault to Data Shortcuts

Convert Point Block References to Civil Points

Line by Angle in Civil 3D 2010

Getting the Design Criteria Violation Symbol to Plot

Blocks for the Roundabout tools are missing

Creating your own RSS Feed

You can create your own RSS Feed by simply going to and following the steps. Personally I find this a whole lot less annoying then Communication Center. What about you?


  1. Mark Spatz says:

    Is it me or have the Autodesk support RSS feeds not been working lately? New posts come through and register as new content but the links to the solutions are broken (using Google Reader).

    Yesterday they were working, but today now again they are broken.

  2. Mark Spatz says:

    Nevermind, my Laptop at work seems fine. Must be the PC at home.