2011 – Pipes

Split networks.

Merge networks.

Pipes from polyline – use Invert, Crown, or Centre.

Matt Kolberg


  1. Conan Witzel says:

    Are there any editing enhancements?
    Specifically locking and quick editing of slopes.

    Also how is Hydrasolve incorporated?

    Conan Witzel

  2. Mark Spatz says:

    My question is – and I wasn’t on beta this year – can Pipe Network structures be projected onto Cross Sections yet?

    Projection worked in 2010 for everything except Pipe Network parts. Again, I don’t see it in the list. 🙁

  3. Alan says:

    I’m curious – any integration with Boss’s Stormnet in this version? Hydraflow was a good program for it’s price, but it wasn’t coded in a very sophisticated manner and won’t ever provide the integrated solution. Are these tools still a breakout to those programs? I think the truly integrated stormwater approach has been on my wishist for 15 years now. I remember using LDD with Stormcad – that was as close to a working system as I had seen.

  4. Peter Thomson says:

    mmm, I am still looking for expressions in pipe network labels and staggering in pipe network bands as well as those mentioned above.

  5. Tony Carcamo says:

    hey peter what kind of experssions were you looking for?