Spot Elev Rounded to 0.05-feet

A question came up today from our Pittsburg branch:

“How can I make Civil 3D round spot elevations to the nearest five-hundredths of a foot (0.05’)?”

I knew creating an EXPRESSION was the answer but I just didn’t know how to accomplish this task.  So after putting my noodle on the solution over the afternoon – from time-to-time when I needed a break from real work – I came up with the final expression around dinner.

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To understand what I’m talking about look at the below image.  The spots in CYAN are everyday Civil 3D spot elevations with the precision out to the nearest ten-thousandths of a foot.  The spots in MAGENTA use the below expression to round the elevations to the nearest five-hundredths of a foot (0.05’)! 2010.02.16-Spots

The expression:

IF(({Surface Elevation}*10-TRUNC({Surface Elevation}*10))>=0.75,(ROUND({Surface Elevation}*10))/10,(TRUNC({Surface Elevation}*10))/10)+((IF({Surface Elevation}*10-TRUNC({Surface Elevation}*10)<0.5,IF({Surface Elevation}*10-TRUNC({Surface Elevation}*10)<0.25,0.0,0.5),IF({Surface Elevation}*10-TRUNC({Surface Elevation}*10)>=0.75,0.0,0.5)))/10)


ROUND(({Surface Elevation}/0.05))*0.05

for a more elegant solution (learned after this post.  Don’t I feel silly, takes the wind right out of your sail ya know.  ;)  )

Anyways, with this little beauty you can avoid spot elevations that read 100.99, 100.51, 100.01, and 100.74.  Using the expression they will round to 101.00, 100.50, 100.00, and 100.75, respectively.  🙂

A label style using this expression can be found HERE to drag into your company template.  Yes, the style uses the more elegant solution.

Thanks, and I hope this helps!


  1. David Garrigues says:

    Absolutely Phenomenal! Brilliant I say Brilliant!!!

  2. Andy Leak says:

    Great solution.
    Any ideas on how this could be incorporated in a structure label expression to fix rounding errors between the pipe network station and alignment station?

  3. Mark says:

    The great Dave Garrigues everyone!

    Dave can I have your autograph. I loved Caffeinated Grading; all of them.

  4. Eric Colburn says:

    Nice solution. Elegant and useful, too!