Order of Priority for Point Display

Thanks to Richard Sincovec for this concise listing of priority. I forget the order quite a bit, so I’m putting it here for safe mental housekeeping.

If you use Description Keys to assign styles to each individual Cogo Point, then those styles will take priority over the styles in the Point Group, unless you turn on the Point Group Override (on the Overrides tab, in the Point Group Properties).

The order of control is:

1)  Style from Point Group, IF the Override is enabled.
2)  Style assigned to the Cogo Point itself, if one is assigned.
3)  Style from Point Group.

— Sinc

You can check out Sinc’s company here and his software here. His toolset seems to strike more of a chord with Survey folks, while EE’s stuff rings with engineers, but it’s always good to check out new stuff.

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