Let Your C3D Freak Flag Fly

John Evans, a recurring C3D contributor to AUGI World is looking for some unusual use cases with C3D. You can reply to his initial inquiry here, or you can leave a comment in this thread and he’ll get in touch.


  1. Steve Boon says:

    * What is the weirdest, strangest, and off the wall thing Civil 3D has performed for you?
    6. Design of approx. 40km of ice road across the tundra with some unusual design requirements. This road would be have to be built and then used over a single winter, and no construction equipment or vehicle using the road could ever disturb the surface of the ground.

    All of the road would have to be built from compacted snow and ice “mined” from the surface of frozen lakes. No excavation meant that there would be no gravel or sand available for traction so the client required a maximum profile grade of 2%. The whole region is a maze of lakes and creeks which could not be crossed due to the weight of the loads being moved so we had to chase the existing ground contours all over the region searching for a route that could be constructed using fill only.

  2. Mark Spatz says:

    Sounds like Ice Road Truckers! 😉