Happy New Year!

Welcome to the 2010 edition of Civil3d.com. New year, new look, same great content. Like most bloggers, we’re slowly moving into the magazine-style layout, but I’m not convinced there’s enough depth on most blogs to warrant that approach, and based on comments, you’re here for the tips, so we will continue to maintain a front page, blog style layout. I believe I’ve got most of the graphic content back up and linked, but will be working to reload some of the linked movies, interviews, etc over the next couple of days. If you find something amiss, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

As always, I’m looking for more contributors to the blog. If starting a C3D/Acad blog was on your list of resolutions, let me help you break it. Blogging as a one-man show is a tiring and generally thankless task. By being part of this site, you’ll have the largest Civil 3D related audience on the web, and not have the burden of delivering on the schedule that it takes to bring the hits. This is a team of your peers, not associated with a firm or a reseller, looking to share their knowledge and spread the C3d love. Want to help spread the joy? Just let me know.

Hope you are having a great start to this new year, and thank you for visiting.


  1. Philip Endrizzi says:

    love the new layout, much easier on “old eyes”. keep up the good work!

  2. I also noticed James that the posts upload correctly now. Images are
    Inline if specified. I don’t know about anyone else but I always had issues with that before. That is why I always had text either above or below the image(s), not to the left or right. It never worked for me before but now it does! 🙂

  3. Also, can the Recent Comments widget be added back. I always use to use to see if there were any comments on posts I needed to address.

    I know you can see through Admin but that takes extra clicks and\or user name and pw entry.

  4. Mark Jung says:

    Like the New layout…. but I kinda liked the flames on the old one 🙂

  5. Brent Daley says:

    I love the new colors, always thought the fire was a bit cheesy. Need to add a facebook page.

  6. Eric Toye says:

    Re your comment about being here for the tips (only), I am just about to learn civil3d (by courtesy of my employer) at age 69 and cannot respond to the blogs just now. Have been using AutoCAD only for the last twenty years (mostly self-taught) and am somewhat apprehensive about this new venture.