Give your mouse some energy.

This is one of those “I never realized” or more like a “duh” moment that I just experienced and thought I’d share since it’s a quick informational post.  I promise my next post will be more insightful to those that will be thinking to themselves “duh”, Jonathan’s an idiot, (which of course is well deserved at this moment).  But maybe, just maybe, someone will check their batteries to their optical mouse, before they call their CAD Manager or IT Administrator and harass them about why their Civil 3D is hesitating.  Yep, that’s it.  For a few weeks now, I’ve been noticing much slower zooms using my mouse wheel along with delays in double clicking to edit something.  I just figured since I’m working on some big data sets with aerial images that my computer is slowing down.  Well, today my mouse completely died on me.  I put a new battery in and Voila!  No hesitation in any clicks or mouse movements within Civil 3D.


  1. Nick Zeeben says:

    Dont worry, we will only hold this against you, well forever.

  2. chris wallis says:

    I laughed at this & then i changed my batteries… good post!

  3. Well you know how they say to someone “you need to get out more”. Well it seems you need to get out of Civil 3D more – I imagine the slowness occurred in Firefox/Chrome/IE too right – unless of course you have yourself locked only into Civil 3D which may very well be the case!

    • Actually Joshua…
      I didn’t notice any difference in any other program until my mouse was pretty well dead. I guess that was my only reason for posting, (other than admitting to something I could of kept to myself for lack embarrassment). But, It just wasn’t obvious other than while working in Civil 3D. Yes, there’s more mouse functions happening in Civil 3D than most other programs, but I was also working in Photoshop this weekend and never noticed a change.
      (But you’re right about “getting out more”). 🙂

  4. Bill Utzman says:

    At least you didn’t hold a scale up to your monitor and wonder why a line wasn’t to scale. Yes, back in the DCA (pre softdesk) days, I had a new recent college grad engineer questioning the work on my screen by scaling it.

    • Wow!
      He or she must have been getting so frustrated with his/her scale against the screen being that they were so rounded during the DCA days.
      🙂 I can so picture that. That’s funny.

      Just imagine…, if screens were still rounded, we could develop some hand held scales that would account for different coordinate zones and projections based the location on the screen where the scale was being held to. 😉

      • John Evans says:

        Just get the Radius of the CRT surface and develop a factor per inch and adjust to measuring over the curved surface. Just teach them to ‘roll’ the scale as they measure. If they can’t get that, you can show them the measurement tools in the app.

  5. Matt Anderson, PE says:

    I caught the boss scaling a google earth image a few years ago…he never knew it had a distance measuring tool in the program…

    • Shane Matt says:

      Now guys be nice… let the older generation of engineers do those quarky things. Every office has one!