Civil 3D Feeds List

2010.01.24-Feed List

I recently presenting at the Civil Harrisburg Users Group (CHUG) where blog sites were listed as a resource to help folks learn Civil 3D.  To that end, you can download my feed list below.  It contains not only C3D blogs but also Autodesk’s Knowledge Base and Discussion Groups.

You can import into Internet Explorer or use an online news reader – what I prefer – like Google Reader, and I’m sure there are may more.  Online readers are nice because you can than access from anywhere with an internet connection to catch-up when you are board or have some time to kill.  Enjoy, and I hope this helps.


Download –> 2010.01.24-C3D Feeds


If your blog / RSS feed is not on the list (reseller or private) – you will have to download to know – please leave a comment and I will add and re-post the list.


  1. Bryan Collins says:

    Thanks for the feeds. Very much appreciated. Definitely a few I didn’t already know about.

  2. Just downloaded your list! Thanks for including my blog in here. There are even a few I hadn’t heard of.

  3. Matt Anderson says:

    Mark –

    Do you share them on Google?


  4. Mark Jung says:

    Wow…this came at the right time. I am currently in another office and away from my normal pc. This got me right up to speed on all the blogs I follow and then some…..

    Thanks alot!!!

  5. Mark Spatz says:

    Matt – how do you share on Google?

  6. Many thanks for the list and including mine!