Which side am I on?

I just got back from a long visit from Trinidad and Tobago with a terrible cold. Being a part of the British Commonwealth (now called Commonwealth of Nations), they drive on a different side then I am used to. T&T is unique in a sense because they use the metric AND imperial systems interchangeably.

I was doing some training – mainly on new functionality with C3D.SP2 with SAP. One of the companies I was working with does a lot of roadway design so they were quite excited about the roundabout layout with the SAP. So how do you put the lanes on the correct side??

There are so many settings to keep up with and this is one of those easily missed settings.  In the drawing settings>Ambient settings>General there is a property called driving direction. Set this to the correct side of the road in your template and you are good to go!


Now to get over the sickness and get back to work!




  1. Nick Zeeben says:

    Sounds like a very tough life for you Josh!

  2. yeah, I guess I won’t get much sympathy considering I was on a tropical island while some are freezing in Manchester!!!