Setting General Legal Des. Report Units & Precision

Have you ever run a report in Civil 3D and were not happy with the precision or units? 

2009.12.21-Legal Report

After the jump learn how to master these settings.

Running the report “General_Legal_Descriptions_for_Parcels” for the first time on my PC there were a number of issues:

1 . distances were in meters (vs. feet).

2. distance precision was to the nearest ten-thousandths of a meter.

3. areas were being measured in square-feet (vs. acres)

4. bearings were to the nearest tenth of a second

5. angles were to the nearest tenth of a second

2009.12.21-Report in Meters

You might hunt for the place within Civil 3D to change these setting, but you won’t find them.  Note the ‘XSL’ icon in front of this and other reports.

2009.12.21-XML Icon

That indicates to edit the settings of the report you need to look to the ‘Autodesk LandXML Reporting 7’ tool.

2009.12.21-LandXML Report 7

For our example, proceed to the ‘Settings’ tab in the LandXML Reporting tool, ‘Legal Descriptions’, and review the settings (image below).

I.E. for distances to measure in feet and to the nearest hundredth of a foot, go to ‘Report Units’ and set it to ‘USSurveyFoot(within US) and then to ‘Distance’ and set it to two decimal places.

Review the rest of the settings as well for everything else…

2009.12.21-XML Settings

After you have the settings adjusted close the XML reporting tool and go back to Civil 3D and re-run the report.

2009.12.21-Fixed Report

Eureka, the report looks just like the way I want it to!


Note some of the other reports have a different icon in front.

2009.12.21-NET Icon

For these setting you do NOT go to the XML reporting tool.  Proceed to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Civil 3D Toolspace and right-click on the feature that you are reporting on.  Again, in our example it is Parcels.  Then selectEdit Feature Settings’ and make the adjustments under the appropriate group (i.e. for bearings go under ‘Direction’ and for angle of curvature go to ‘Angle’).

2009.12.21-NET Settings


Thanks and I hope this helps…  🙂

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