James, AU, and Autodesk

I know, I’m a little late getting up some sort of post-AU review post. What can I say, I’m actually busy. I got to see and visit with a fair number of you while I was there, and my class on handling floodplains in Civil 3D went better than I expected. I took the Civil 3D Professional exam, and really enjoyed AU without booth duty. I had a few questions before, during and since AU regarding what I’m up to these days so I wanted to clear a little bit of confusion.

Raider Consulting, LLC that runs and maintains Civil3d.com is my personal consulting company. I do training, implementation, and support for companies all over on an as needed basis–a  gunslinger for hire.

Many of you saw me working in the Autodesk AEC Lounge at AU and have seen me post on the Discussion Groups using an @autodesk.com address, and wondered when that had happened. Right now, I’m working with Nick, Dana (Judge, not that crazy Probert chick,) and the rest of the QA team as a contractor to make Civil 3D a better product, so you’ll see me occasionally ask for data or information using that address. I think Nick takes real pleasure in being my boss of sorts.

To that end, I’m cutting back on some of my posts here, and I’m hoping my co-bloggers will step up some. I don’t want to be in a conflict with the obvious NDAs I’m working under, so you’ll see very few hard core posts from me over the next few months. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts from Mark, Matt, Kevin, Rick, Joshua and the rest of the civil3d.com team, or perhaps you’ll add your own voice to the mix. Drop me an e-mail if you want to get involved. wedding@ this domain.

Hope this clears up some confusion, and thanks for being part of the Civil3d.com-munity.

Oh, and thanks Shaan for the picture.


  1. Gratz on that man. I know we’re in good hands.

  2. Steve Boon says:

    So what was your exam score?

  3. I scored an 85. Apparently, I’m not very good with sections. No shocker there. And there was a Parcel question that I’m still not sure what they asked me to do. Like I said, if you have a weak spot, the exam will show it.