Research Project and a Question

Two quick items this AM:

  1. How long do you let C3D crank before you hit Control-Alt-Delete? What’s your threshold for pain? Be as specific as possible, please, I’m working to develop some testing metrics.
  2. Do you know BOSS? Like REALLY know BOSS? Drop me an e-mail, wedding@ this domain, and let’s talk. I know someone in need of your genius.

Have a great Wednesday, folks!


  1. 1. It depends, for grading it’s about 10 seconds. For other tasks I let it play out longer up to a minute. If I know the data set is large and should take a while to process I let it run a while longer, but usually no longer than 5 minutes.
    2. Don’t know BOSS.

  2. 1. I don’t normally kill Civil 3d. Don’t really need to – if it hangs and is about to crash, I can hear the hard drive grind. I’ve played with some large datasets that I just let run to completion, but one most cases if its not back alive by the time I refill my cup and hit the boys rooms – I will kill it.

  3. Around the 5-10 minute mark. Especially if it is crunching through a less than simple grading.

    But if I’ve hit the same problem more than twice, I’ll kill it after 10 seconds or so.

  4. Brent Daley says:

    I used to know that I didn’t have a chance of it coming back, but with 2009, and now 2010 I know if you wait a little and don’t be click happy, it usually comes back. I’ll usually give it 5 mins max…10 mins is a stretch, nothing should take that long.

    • Steve Boon says:

      If I’m waiting more than 5 minutes then I check the acad process in the task manager, to see if data is moving in and out of memory. As long as that is working OK then I usually wait it out. I’m running 2010 on a Vista 64 system and I can’t recall the last time I waited longer than 15 minutes.

  5. Creg Dieziger says:

    I way about 5 minutes, and then check the task manager. If data is flowing than I leave it alone. I agree with Matt in most cases you can tell when it is going need to be killed, and that is usually right away with in that 5 minutes. Ig you can hear the hard drive a banging as if the dinner bell is ringing, it is time to cut it off before it over stuffs itsself.

  6. Gerrit Alderliesten says:

    I’m with Christopher on this one. If it’s crunching through a large data set I’m willing to wait a long time. However if I have good reason to believe it’s hung up, for instance if it has hung up on a similar task before, then I’ll kill the process within 30 sec. Also, a fluctuating memory usage on the ACAD.EXE process means it is still working so in that case I’ll leave it alone.

  7. 1. I’ll usually give it a few minutes unless I’m working with something that’s fairly large and I’m feeling patient. I guess part of it too is that I know how my laptop acts when its crunching on something versus just spinning its wheels. That usually helps with my decision making as well.

    2. I don’t know what BOSS is so I can’t help you with that. Sorry.


    It totally depends… normally 2-3 minutes… I’m used to saving every 5-min or so, so if the software freezes for more than 2 minutes, I just shut it down…

    BOSS… nope, don’t know about it… sorry…

    • Paul Thomas says:

      Time is relative, so I hear…

      I usually check or watch my Task Manager, If I’m using from 550,000 k to 1,000,000 k of cpu then it’s crashed.

      Under load I usually run, 400,000 k. So, if it starts at 400, then hits 600, end process…

      • Steve Boon says:

        Using Select Similar to get all of my cross section labels, so that I can delete them. I’ve waited almost an hour so far, and watched the acad.exe process build up to 2.7 GB of working set memory.

        A new personal best…..