John Evans-Why should I buy a CAD card?

I’m linking to his site instead of the PDF directly, but over on Civil to Inventor, John links to the latest issue of AUGI world where he’s got a real gem of an article. “Why should I buy a CAD card?” runs through all the usual arguments and gets to the bottom of what I consider to be a lot of graphics cards myths. I wish he’d shown price tags in his chart, or done a bang for the buck comparison somehow, but it’s good stuff.


  1. Jon Rizzo says:

    Nice article. I’m glad somebody finally said this “out loud”.

  2. John Evans says:

    Thanks for the link.
    I had done so much research. I was trying to get best bang for buck laptop, but unfortunately it will have to wait.
    So I had all this info and notes, and nothing to use it for. I was real happy to use the info.
    I have a list of Laptops in the Cad power range, between 1450 and 1850 USD, differeing makers, and notes on their flaws and strengths. If people want the info, I might wrie it up. Let me know.