Why Subscribe?

First a little disclaimer, I do not work for a reseller.

The question comes up often in these difficult times, if we are not updating annually WHY subscribe? It is a good question and I think you will be reminded of MULTIPLE benefits over the coming days and weeks. For example…

Would you like to be able visualize point clouds or build a surface from GIS data (SHP files) or some tools I wish I had a few years ago – a roundabout layout tool or sight visibility analysis tool.


Okay, did I just break a NDA? Did I just slip up and tell you what is coming in the next version?

Besides who wants to go upgrade to each year? Isn’t that why NOT to subscribe?

Over the coming days, we will chat in more detail about what will be released shortly for AutoCAD Civil3D 2010! This will be called a Subscription Advantage Pack and will be only available to Subscription customers.

So the question remains – Why Subscribe? Tell me what you think in about two weeks.

Talk to you soon!

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