The ‘Ghosts’ of Civil 3D yet to come?

After looking at the AU 2009 classes being offered and seeing Dana’s tweet, I hopped over to check out her class: More Power to You: “Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs” for Civil and Geospatial Professionals

So, first glance – Subscription ADVANTAGE Packs? Wha???

Things of interest found in the description, especially to the Civil 3D world are:

  • Roundabout layout
  • Point Cloud Visualization
  • Transportation Design Tools
  • Survey Tools
  • Surface Creation Enhancements

Guys and Gals – those are things that Civil 3D 2010 does not have!  Have I stumbled upon perhaps what Civil 3D 2011 will highlight? They sound like great additions. Let’s hope that Marley is correct!

Also of interest: Autodesk Civil 3D Webcast Series: Introducing Point Cloud Data in Civil 3D

One comment

  1. I’m guessing by next Monday we’ll know more about these or some other big announcements regarding Civil 3D. I’d look for things from this and other blogs.