Free Virtual AU Passes

I’ve got a few passes to Virtual AU to give away. As Rick noted, if you’re on Subscription this is a free event, but if your company decided to drop their subscription this year, it will cost you $99. Want to virtually go for free? Leave a comment here, and I’ll pick a couple of winners to go on the tab.Your comment should be something interesting beyond your name. Why you need a pass, why your company dropped subscription, Betty vs Veronica and why, Grandma’s Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe, that sort of thing. Here’s to (virtually) seeing you at AU!


  1. Allen Robberson says:

    I would love to get a pass to virtual pass thanks

  2. Rick Jackson says:

    We’ll, I have been unemployed since February, and have been keep up with your blog (and others) in my downtime. I would like a virtual pass to AU so that I stay competitve in the market if it comes back. P.S. I purchased Mastering 2010 also.

  3. Dormeno Daog says:

    I would like to get a pass for Autodesk University Virtual, I come from Chile.

    regards, daniel

  4. Laura Ford says:

    I would love a free pass! Thank You.

  5. Shawn Swanberg says:

    I would love a free pass!! Any new knowledge is good knowledge!!

    • Shawn Swanberg says:

      btw – I have recently been put in charge of our firms transition to C3D 2010 and I need all the help I can get in terms of understanding and implementation of C3D across an entire firm.

  6. Kevin Stober says:

    Since the economy has gone into the tank, our company has been so tight with their money. Have you heard of the phrase “Money makes the world go round”..well “Our world” has become a “marble”.
    I have wanted to go to Autodesk University since they started having it in Vegas, what could be sweeter, Vegas + AU = Fun. But with hard times come sacrifices, so would love to get the free pass.

  7. john coutinho says:

    Who doesn’t like something free….Yes, its true, our company decided not to send anyone to Vegas in order to save some green !
    Would love the free pass…