on the Go

IMG_0562We’ve added in a new plugin making a lot more manageable on your mobile device. Here’s a screenshot of your favorite blog on my iphone, but the plugin should support your Treo, Android, Blackberry etc. device. Give it a scan from your favorite pocket browser and let me know if you encounter any weirdness.

Also, we’re still looking for more contributors for the site. If you’d like to share your genius, drop me a comment or email. wedding@ this domain goes right to me!

Thanks for being part of


  1. Josh Petersen says:

    Great work James!

  2. Creg Dieziger says:

    Thanks James but it looks like you need to recharge soon.

  3. looks good at front page. text is a bit big when reading a page on the mobile -lots of scrolling. (treo)

  4. Kevin Clark, P.E. says:

    Wish more sites would do this.

  5. Looks good on the Blackberry Storm!

  6. Terry Laird says:

    Looks good on Blackberry Curve. Thanks James

  7. Dave Dixon says:

    how would I download the plugin for Android?