Autodesk University Virtual

For those who are unlucky to NOT attend Autodesk University this year due to financial crises, etc. (I’m raising my hand), there is some hope – enter VIRTUAL AU! See more after the jump

For the low price of $99 (US), you can experience some of the greatness of AU without leaving your company chair (or sofa if you’re home). While you won’t get the full complement of classes that a regular AU attendee would get, you get a nice sampling.

Looking over the classes and sessions for Civil 3D, I see some familiar faces, notables, and fellow bloggers alike.

Check it out at: Virtual Autodesk University

BONUS! – If you are a Subscription customer, the price of AU-V is F-R-E-E.

Just provide your own mug and favorite beverage.


  1. Josh Petersen says:

    I don’t know Rick….free? You sure it’s worth it?

    I actually think this is a great idea and I would like to see Autodesk potentially open it up to the unemployed to gain more experience with their software.

  2. Kevin Clark, P.E. says:

    Wow there is a good sampling. Great alternative this year since a lot of people can’t go.

  3. CAD_DAVE says:

    Free to subscription customers? NICE

  4. Hugh Bisco says:

    Woo-hoo!! I can finally “attend” AU after all these years!! Thanks for spreading the word Rick.

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  6. CAD_DAVE says:

    Now that I looked into it, it really isn’t a Virtual AU. There are only maybe 10 different classes for civil 3d, held on different dates and times. All the big name instructors and AU classes aren’t available. (maybe they will be made available at a later date?)